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Think and Realize!     By Belinda Lowary

Through everything you’ve done on the streets, what have you truly gained?

The money you made, the females you laid, the clothes you brought and

The dudes you called your homeboys, where are they? Think about it for a minute. Because once the men in blue put those hand

Cuffs on you all that went away. Now you’re doing your time, and the thought arises, what’s going to become of you? If you’re honest with yourself,

The streets are all you know. So what are you going to do? Are you going

To allow the streets to rule you? Or are you going to make a change, a change

Of mind that is! Realize that it’s time to mature within your self.

You can lie and say I’m not going to do this and that, but until you change

The attitude of your mind, your bound to do the same things again. Look

At yourself are you still thinking with the street mentality in prison

Or shall I say in the cage? Because if you are then your going to be the

The way when you hit the streets again. You may feel like you’re not going to Be a “buster” around the fella’s in the joint. Let me inform you, you are

Responsible for your decisions, not those who voice their opinions about you. The way you think is the way you are, you have to be determined to be a Changed Person. The streets have trained you to believe that doing the things

That has gotten you locked up makes you a man, but I disagree completely. Just because you may have had stacks of cash and a lot of chic’s letting you lay up with them doesn’t make you a man. A victim I’ll call it! Being a man You’re mature about the decisions you make, your responsible and a provider. If you have children you need to think about them first.

If you’re in and out of jail how that will effect them emotionally?

What message are you sending them? How will they turn out without their

Father in their life? It’s up to you to decide how your future will turn out.

Not those men in the blue Uniforms carrying all those keys and provide those Free meals. Who are you going to help, not to make it where you have been?

Be a man and provide a helping hand. You know the streets are hungry

For young boys who want to be “the man” And little girls who desire Attention and want to come up quick. They feel that the “Streets” is where It’s at, but you know the truth that’s hiding behind the collogue, the pain, the Hurt, the struggle and losing your self respect. Ask yourself a question, are you caught up? And the thought of you getting out of the game is only a joke?

Because you rather hold on due to the fast money. I know it’s easy to get in But hard to get out, Look at yourself at what the streets have trained you to be. A victim I’ll call it! You know they call you a killer, because you sell your “Dope” To them folks then all you know they are six feet deep. You going to Wine up killing yourself too, only the death begins within, when you’re sitting In the “cage” and the regret is put into play and you hate who you have Become!
















I’m Searching         By Belinda Lowary

I’m searching for something and I can’t seem to find it.


Because I’m not sure what I’m truly trying to find.


I’m feeling frustrated, because I don’t have a clue of what’s


Missing. All I know is that it’s deep inside of me.


I realize that this situation is out of my hands.


There’s nothing I can do, but accept it and keep passing through


Life trying my best to do what’s right.


I’m at a point of questioning what’s right or wrong.


I’m searching for answers, but none has come yet,


Or have they and I didn’t understand them?




Making Love…        By: Belinda Lowary

Starting out with that look in your

Eyes saying you want me.

Grabbing me and pulling me close

To you, kissing me sincerely all

On my neck coming back to my

Lips and staring into my eyes.

Staring so deep that you began to

Hear my heart speak telling you

Exactly what to do to me.

Lay me down gently and do what

You know to excite me, making me

Desire you to the extent I can’t and

Won’t resist you.

Take your time and get into it, put

Your mind on me and what we are


You take it from there, I can only

Lead you half way!



Second Chances    By: Belinda Lowary

The first time she broke your heart,


She told you she didn’t mean to, things happen.


So you debated should you forgive her.


All you can think about is she actually spread her legs,


And let another man enjoy her “love”. When she


Always told you it’s all yours.


You being so in love with her, you believed everything


She told you, such a fool!


So you decided that it won’t be a second chance,


If she cheated once nine time out of ten she bound


To do it again.


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