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Revive Zion Ink offers teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on the issues that affect their lives daily. Revive Zion Ink’s mission is to empower the youth through their creative writing, writing that touches hearts, minds and souls. There is an untold story inside us all and Revive Zion Incorporated goal is to allow that story to be told, reaching millions around the globe. Let your destiny as successful writers unfold.

If you are the ages between 7 years old and up. And want a place where your voice will be heard please fill out the application below, Revive Zion Ink is for you.

Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Participants of Revive Zion Ink will be responsible to show up and attend class on time throughout the completion of the course.

Participants will be held accountable for all absences and late arrivals unless instructor preauthorized absence of later arrivals.

All participants will be respectful to all staff, peers, equipment and supplies.

Any vandalism or destroying programs property will lead to dismissal of the program and all parties involved will be responsible to paying for damaged property.

All participants will be asked to participate in all fundraising events.

You will need to have all these questions answered and submit through Email:




What do you like most about writing?

What are your expectations out of Revive Zion Ink (R.Z.I.)?

What are your goals that you want to reach through writing?

Circle all styles of writing

· Biographies

· Short Stories

· Fiction

· Non Fiction

· Poetry

· Song writing

· Scripts (plays and movies)

· Other (please explain)


I ___________________________ give my word that I will commit to Revive Zion Youth Ink. I will follow all rules, regulations and procedures of the program. I have read and understand all the above statements.

Participant Print                                   Date

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Participant Signature                   Date

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