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Trust In The Young Community.       By: Jalil Lowary

My opinion about trust in the young community,
There is some young people you can trust
But you have to be careful picking the right one.
Because theirs some people who will tell your personal
Business. And try to mess up your reputation, all because
Of dislike, hate, and, immaturity.
Me with trust I have to know your ways
Before I trust that person, because when I see
People being friends one day then the next day
Their talking about each other. That’s why I can’t trust
People like that. I may call people my friend
But that’s just the start of forming
A relation.
      Trust is very strong word because,
You can’t just go around saying oh I trust
Him or her. I her girls at school calling
Other girls “trusty” when they just say
That because “its what every one is doing”
So you have to be careful with trusting